How It Works

Host A Community Fundraiser at Laserdome!

Host a fundraiser at Laserdome and we’ll give your organization 25% of sales from everyone who supports your cause!  A minimum of $100 in sales is required. Just pick any day of the week, then invite your friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors to eat and play any time throughout the day!  To make it easy to spread the word, you can edit the flyer we email to you.

There are no costs, no selling, or soliciting…and everyone loves to play and eat!  Past fundraising groups have said this is the easiest fundraiser they’ve ever done.

For more information, or to book a fun and easy Community Fundraiser, please email us at or call us at 717-492-0002


How soon can we schedule a fundraiser?

You can book your fundraiser TODAY! The earliest you can hold your fundraiser is generally 4 weeks from the date of your Application.

What days of the week can I book a fundraiser?

We do fundraisers every day of the week.

What time are the fundraisers?

Tuesday – Sunday: 11am – 9pm

How much does Laserdome contribute to my cause?

Laserdome donates 25% of food and attractions sales (pretax) from people coming specifically to support your fundraiser. Supporters need to bring a flyer to hand in when paying or show it on their phone. The more people you bring, the bigger our donation. There is a minimum of $100 in sales required to receive a check.

How much can I hope to earn with a Community Fundraiser?

It really depends on how well your organization markets the fundraiser so you control how much you make. Many groups have made over $500 from one night of eating out and playing games!

How often can my organization book a Community Night?

Our general rule of thumb is quarterly; however, we are happy to consider special requests. We like thinking outside the box.

Is one night of the week better than others?

No. It really depends on how hard you work to get people to come eat and play.

Do I need to design my own flyer?

No. We reward your organization with 25% of sales from customers you bring to us. We want our regular gamers to be able to enjoy their time while your fundraiser is going on and ask you not to approach them with information or a flyer.

Can I hand out flyers in the parking lot or to customers in the arcade?

No. We have a sample flyer we’ll email to you once your date is confirmed. You then plug your information into it, return a draft for approval and then make copies to distribute once approved. We try to make this entire process as easy as possible. Of course, if you are creative, you can design your own flyer. Either way, we need to approve it before you start making copies.

Does Laserdome publicize our Community Fundraiser for us?

No. You are responsible for advertising your fundraiser although we will list it on the Fundraiser Calendar on our website.  Also, some locations will post it on their Community Board and Facebook page.

To have a successful fundraiser you will want to promote it in your newsletter, post it on your web site (with your approved flyer), send it to your email list, place an ad…get the word out to your friends, family, co-workers, members of your organization, etc.  You may bring a few extra flyers to give to supporters who forget to bring theirs.

Click HERE for information on ways to promote your fundraiser.

How soon will I get the check after my fundraiser?

You will receive your check in two weeks unless there is an unforeseen delay.

How do I book a fundraiser or get more info?

Complete and submit the Fundraising Application. We will be in touch with you after reviewing your Application. If you need further assistance, contact us.
Phone: 717-492-0002